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Continuous Improvement Ideas and Methods that Deliver Results Fast


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Business Process Re-engineering

Increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your business with this simple to follow blueprint.

Designing KPIs to Drive Process Improvement

Step by step instructions to help you design KPIs that can improve the performance of your business.

Effective SOPs

Turn your SOPs into a key part of your continuous improvement plans with this practical guide.

Finding time... for your projects

Find time in your working week to improve how your business works with this spreadsheet tool.

Improvement Accelerator Framework

Speed Up The Rate of Your Continuous Improvement Results


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Making 5S Work

Get better results from your 5S programme


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Making It Happen

A Continuous Improvement Toolkit to Boost Your Career and Business Results 


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Making MRP Work

Improve your operational profits and performance with my MRP / ERP improvement guide.

MRP Audit

Quickly figure out how to get the results you want from your MRP system with this ready to use audit.


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On Time Delivery

If you feel stuck with your OTIF improvement journey, and are feeling lost, this is for you!


Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing software – MS Access Version


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StreamLiner Application

Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing software – Non MS Access Version


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Streamlining Processes Kit

Streamline your business processes; increase profits, speed and customer satisfaction with this kit.


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Sunrise Meetings

Develop routine, accountability and a results driven approach for your team with this book.

The Kaizen Checklist

Do you want to get better results from your Kaizen programme?


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The OTIF Improvement System

Improve your on-time delivery performance through a systematic management approach


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The Productivity Boost

Quickly improve the productivity of your business with this step by step workbook


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The Strategic Improvement Loop

Deploy strategic change faster than ever with this easy to follow system


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Waste Reduction Workshop Kit

Improve productivity and eliminate waste from your business with this ready to use workshop kit.


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